We Can Handle Every ‘Shingle’ Problem With Your Roof

We Can Handle Every ‘Shingle’ Problem With Your Roof

Call Kadillac Roofing for residential roof services

If your roof is damaged, you need to call an experienced roofer right away. Residents in Augusta, Maine turn to Kadillac Roofing for repairs and replacements. We can handle issues with asphalt, metal and rubber roofing systems.

Does your home have a metal roof? Our specialists have a free-standing machine that rolls out metal on the job site. Because we use our own machine, we pass all cost savings to you. Need new gutters to match your repaired roof? We’re skilled in gutter installation and repair. Contact the specialists at Kadillac Roofing for top-of-the-line service for the top of your home.

Do You Need a New Roof or Just a Repair?

3 signs your roof is failing and you need a replacement

You could continue to fix your roof every year – or you could take care of all the problems with a roof replacement. Here are a few signs you need to replace, not repair, your roof.

1. Roof leaks. Consistent leaks could point to a bigger problem with your roofing system.
2. Missing, cracked or curling shingles. Harsh weather and temperatures can bring down the overall quality of your roof.
3. Your roof is over 20 years old. An older roof should be replaced, especially if it hasn’t been maintained.

Kadillac Roofing can determine if your roof needs repairs or a complete replacement. Contact our roofers in Augusta, Maine right now for quality service.